Tempting Lizzy: Mr. Darcy’s Discipline

Darcy’s Honeymoon Heat, Book 5

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Elizabeth Bennet, now Mrs. Darcy, is on her honeymoon with her tall, smouldering, and very dominant husband. While he adores her playful nature, he expects her obedience in the bedroom. She’s more than happy to comply—or face the consequences.

Alone together in an idyllic autumn hideaway, they’re free to spend their days exploring the pleasures of the flesh. Yet witty Elizabeth can’t help but tease, and Darcy is forced to take his wife in hand. When he scolds her, she can be sure her smart mouth will earn her a smarting bottom.

​​​​​​​This scorching Pride and Prejudice sensual intimate variation is for a mature audience. It’s 7000 words and has multiple happy endings.

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Author: Artesian Well Publishing

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