Scandalizing Lizzy: Mr. Darcy’s Discipline

Darcy’s Honeymoon Heat, Book 3

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Elizabeth Bennet of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is on her honeymoon with Mr. Darcy. Her handsome and masterful husband has introduced her to many of the joys of marriage. Enthralled by their games of disobedience and punishment, she happily submits to his demands.

She comes upon a book depicting pleasures as yet unknown to her, and she’s intrigued. When Darcy finds her with the book, she tries to hide it, embarrassed at being caught. Discovering the truth, he takes her to task for her deception. He invades her nubile body in new and exciting ways, filling her as he has never done before. Join Our Dear Couple as Mr. Darcy’s Discipline introduces Lizzy to secret delights—and leaves her begging for more.

This Pride and Prejudice sensual variation is about 8,100 words.

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Author: Artesian Well Publishing

Romance to melt your heart and heat up your night