The Cocky Prince and His Naughty Bride

Contemporary Royal BDSM Satire

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Engaged to Prince Barry of Caswaldia, Keegan is living at the palace to learn the customs of this strange land and the protocol demanded of a princess. Separated from her home and loved ones, she struggles to make sense of the bizarre family she’s marrying into—including the decrepit crown prince and the ancient monarch, who’s spending her vast fortune on biotech research with the hope of living forever.

Under stress, Keegan blurts out a lie to the queen. Though mortified by her own behavior, she thinks she’s gotten away with it—until Barry calls her on it in private. Her sweet, affectionate fiancé turns into a demanding master. With tender kisses and loving discipline, he takes her to new heights of ecstasy, and shows her just how cocky he can be.

This erotica short is a work of satire, but the steamy scenes are no joke.

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Author: Artesian Well Publishing

Romance to melt your heart and heat up your night