Commanding the Billionaire (Ache of Desire Book 2)

Available on AmazonCommanding

It takes a strong man to surrender to a strict woman.

Closed heart…
Bernadette Holt isn’t looking for love. A child of divorce, she knows it’s just a lie. All she wants is a man who can handle discipline. At her five-year high school reunion, she meets up with Max—the kid who once followed her like a puppy—who’s grown into a successful entrepreneur and a sculpted hunk of man muscle. As devoted as ever, he seems eager to obey her orders. Max’s humble adoration slowly wears down the barriers around her heart, but she doesn’t trust those feelings.

Selfless devotion…
Tech whiz Max Martinov is CEO of a billion-dollar company, where he makes tough decisions all day. At home, he wants to relax, while someone else is in charge. Bernadette, with her steely exterior and soft heart, has been his dream girl since high school. The tall, beautiful redhead carries deep wounds from childhood that he longs to help heal. But when the ghosts from her past resurface, his love may not be enough to save her.

This steamy romance is for a mature audience. It contains sweet kisses, sensation toys, a well-equipped dungeon, a bossy Domme, and a confident sub who sometimes gets too toppy.

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Handling Cynthia (Ache of Desire Book 1)

Available on AmazonHandlingCynthia

For five years, his unforgettable kiss has fueled her darkest fantasies.

A forbidden attraction…
Cynthia Darlington won’t let her dream guy walk away again. With their five-year class reunion coming up, she can’t stop the memory of Trent Weber’s kiss—strong hands possessing her while her body yielded to his demanding touch. The call of her submissive nature confused her then, but now she understands. With Trent, she’s willing to give in to her decadent fantasies, even if only for a weekend.

A rekindled flame…
Trent can’t resist the chance to see Cynthia, but he’s not the love-sick kid he was. Watching her leave with barely a good-bye was enough humiliation for a lifetime. Yet one look at her now—her expression as sweet as ever, her body poured into a tight black dress—reignites his desire to master this self-assured, independent woman. A weekend of her submission isn’t enough. This time, he’s determined to win her heart.

This steamy BDSM romance is for a mature audience. It contains scenes of flirtation, hot kisses, seductive bowling, a spoiled sub, a demanding Dom, second thoughts, and second chances. It has an HEA and no cliffhanger.

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